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Posted by nanic from nv on 2005-06-20 08:48:00

how do I care for orchids? they are growing in water and lost all the beautiful flowers. Bamboo- how to make starts for bamboo grown in water, thanks
  • Orchids need air!
    Posted by Fried Eggs ( from VA/7a on 2005-06-23 03:18:00

    And water... so please, take them out of the water, pot them in a airy material (bark chips is a good example) and water them frequently, at least every day. Give them a good soaking when you do water them, but make sure they can dry off afterwards. If you want to have them really healthy, make a very dilute compost tea and water them with that.

    Cold down to about 60F is what tells orchids to bloom. :)


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