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harvesting coleus seeds

harvesting coleus seeds
Posted by cnikisue ( from Illinois on 2005-09-07 04:13:00

I am letting my outdoor coleus plants go to seed so that I may save them to plant outdoors next spring. I do not have room to over-winter them indoors. Does anyone know how and when to harvest the "flowers" and how to remove the seeds. Thanks!
  • coleus seeds
    Posted by pat ( from florida on 2005-10-01 06:29:00

    when the blooms on the bottom of the bloom stem start dying you can shake the seeds out, very simple, best to store them in paper,not plastic,
  • coleus
    Posted by monica from NC-zone 7 on 2005-09-14 02:09:00

    My husband works for a man that grows over 100 varieties of coleus, I go in the summer time and help him pinch and plant for the markets every season. Its hard to grow them from seed, the best thing to do is pinch them at the top and repot into a pot of wet soil or place in a vase of water. We usually pinch off the seed pods and throw them out because they look ugly and their of no use.


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