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repotting a 4 foot high aloe plant

repotting a 4 foot high aloe plant
Posted by Michele ( from British Colunbi on 2005-11-12 04:04:00

the Aloe is in a 10" pot and is falling over because the main stem is not straight. About 3 " up from the soil it bends to the right for 4" then starts to straighten up.This makes the plant unstable. I have tryed staking it.Question: can i replant it in the soil up to the where in bends to the right?? Hope I made myself clear.It's a wonderful plant ,don't want to lose it. Thank you for any help!
  • Aloe
    Posted by baerbel from texas on 2006-01-18 01:16:00

    Leave your Aloe in it's small pot if you want to have pups. When they are big enough,few inches tall and showing roots, you can gently break or cut them off, let them dry a day or two and then plant them in their own pots.Aloes only put out pups when their containers are getting to small.
    Do not burry your Aloe until the bend, it will rott and die. Try 3 stakes and wind thin wire around them.Or fishing line or regular string. That could support the Aloe. How about putting a rock / rocks under the bend. Decorative supporrt? Good luck!


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