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Posted by GRACE from KENTUCKY on 2005-11-21 08:13:00

For a science project, I need to grow a fast, small indoor plant. I need some sugestions on which plant to choose from. It needs to be..
1. fast growing
2. a flower
3. a seed

Any help is appreciated!
  • Fast
    Posted by Jeannie` from Ontario 5 on 2005-12-12 08:52:00

    Grace, you must be aware that your use of the word "fast" is relative.

    What is fast? A snail is fast, a race car is fast, Captain Kirk's Enterprise was fast.

    A seed that is wished to germinate fast....there are ample varieties of plants that might come to something in 5 or 6 that fast enough.
    Mind you, it may begin to produce something in that time, it does not mean the plant itself comes to anything in as fast a time.

    Lettuce...the vegetable we love to put in between the tomatoes and bacon is never fertilized. The reason is lettuce comes to harvest faster than the fertilizer could possibly make a difference. There are other vegetables in the same category.

    It must flower: Well, at this time of year with the sun so low in the sky...remember the winter solstace is fast approaching...December 21st, then sloooooooowwwwwwlyy it comes back up so that by mid February in the north, it is up enough to influence our plants' growth..including after seed germinates. Artificial light then comes into the picture and it CAN influence the the plant, after the seed germinates, to possibly move faster than it would otherwise under natural light.

    So I think you will have to nail the question down to exactly what you have in mind. Is this a class project, something that must be seen to come to fruition before the end of the school year. In that sense, I dont think you should have any problem finding dozens and dozens of possible outcomes.

    You might try going into a "Google" search by typing in
    "fast germinating seeds"

    I think you will have many sites to choose from.

    Do have a safe and happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


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