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Posted by SARA from MISSOURI on 2005-12-22 05:31:00

I'm afraid I killed my hibiscus plant. It was giving to me this May. I left it potted and out outside all summer. I thought I had killed it toward the end of summer. But luckily, I nurtured it bad to health with lots of water. Back in Oct. I repotted it in a larger self watering pot with new soil. shortly after we had a night with our first frost. I brought the plant in the garage. A couple days later I remembered the plant, all the leaves were swiveled up. I then moved it into my finished basement and watered it pretty well. The other day I noticed the leaves were dried out. Is there still any hope for it???
  • sick hibiscus
    Posted by Andi from bc can. on 2006-01-04 04:58:00

    It's is hard to tell what happened to your plant. The leaves drying out could be b/c of a few reasons. the soil could have dried out too much, overwatering will give the same result, or perhaps a draught, or a spider mite problem. Sounds like it got too cold, and while this plant like to be constantly moist, less water is needed in the winter. My advice to you would be to take your thumbnail and scratch a stem or branch and if it is still green underneath, then your plant is still alive. I hope this helps you out and good luck!
    • Hibiscus
      Posted by Brent Crouse from Ont on 2007-01-22 04:58:00

      they like hot temps 60 to 90 degrees take it out of the basement. Theses plants never go dorment therefore they need sunlight to live .Bring it to a window never have water sitting or pooled at the roots it will eventually come back if there is not too much damage done


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