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Japanese Beetles on Basil

Japanese Beetles on Basil
Posted by Sbush ( from West Virginia on 2006-06-30 08:52:00

Japanese beetles are devouring my basil plants. I have never had this happen before - is there anything I can do to prevent this? I use the basil in cooking and don't want to treat it with a pesticide.
  • Japanese Beetle control
    Posted by KimmSr from MI-4a/5b on 2006-07-01 08:51:00

    The single most effective way to control Japanes Beetles on any plant is by knocking them off the plant into a bucket of soapy water. It makes little difference which pesticide you spray more beetles will move in and you will need to spray more. Just keep knocking those buggers off.
    Next year look closely at your soil and try to make it something basil really likes to grow in because there is a large body of research out there that shows plants that are strong and healthy, because they are growing in a soil that has balanced nutrient levels for that plant, shrug off insect pest attack as well as disease.
    • natural pest control
      Posted by Denise from Florida and Ill on 2008-08-15 05:29:00

      My husband and I do extensive gardening in both Florida and Illinois and have found that putting a couple of drops of dish soap in a spray bottle and spraying your plant that has a pest problem will solve your problem. I just sprayed my basil that was covered with beetles and they are all gone. It works well for black mold on Florida plants as well.
    • basil
      Posted by betsy from Illinois on 2006-07-06 06:37:00

      So what is the right soil for basil? Does it make a difference in the taste?
      • The right soil for basil
        Posted by KimmSr from MI-4a/5b on 2006-07-07 09:17:00

        Basil (Ocimum) is a native of tropical Asia and Africa and while they prefer an evenly moist soil it should not be a really fertile soil. Too rich a soil and the Basil will loose flavor, the best flavor is developed when the plant is a bit stressed just like most herbs.


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