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Sweet Woodruff

Sweet Woodruff
Posted by Colleen from OR/7 on 2001-03-23 21:41:36

I have a bed of bleeding heart and
fuchsias--incorporated with this is
sweet woodruff as a ground cover--which
likes to grow everywhere! My question
is--should I try to pull out the sweet
woodruff when it get close to the
bleeding heart & fuchsias? I'm not
sure if the sweet woodruff is
interfering with the growth of the
fuchsias and bleeding heart.
  • A good companion
    Posted by Ber from VT on 2001-03-29 14:49:16

    Hi Colleen,

    Accoding to, sweet woodruff is a good companion for bleeding heart. I love the stuff myself, and wouldn't mind if it took over my lawn :~) Ber


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