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plant name

plant name
Posted by Pat from 6B on 2007-07-21 06:27:00

Does anyone know of a plant, vine, flower, etc. with the name Joanna? A friend recently had a baby girl that had a rough start to the beginning of her life but is well on her way to being a very healthy girl. They named Joanna so I thought it might be nice to find something with the same or at least a similar name. Thanks.
  • joanna
    Posted by Rusty from LA. Zone 8 on 2007-07-30 05:05:00

    There is a house plant that has a cultivar named "Joanna".
    Do a search for: STREPTOCARPUS JOANNA
    • streptocarpus
      Posted by cathy joyce from ma on 2007-08-13 03:14:00

      Does anyone know where I might find this plant? I have a friend that just lost her daughter Joanna and I would very much like to purchase this plant for her.

      charlie 1

      • houseplant
        Posted by Nancy from CA on 2007-09-01 11:21:00

        probably your best bet would be at a local nursery that specializes in different houseplants. another option would be to google the plant's name and order it online. not sure if this would be economical or not, but is an option.


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