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propagating stem cuttings

propagating stem cuttings
Posted by Paul from NY on 2001-03-25 22:06:40

I just received plants -Mexican hyssop
'Tutti-Fruitti' Agastache Barberi from
a mail order place. One of the plants
was damaged, the stems were cracked. So
to make the best of this situation I
thoought I could propagate several of
the stems. They are healthy with leaves
and are soft new growth tips. What is
the best way of propagating these? Just
stick them in water or use rooting
powder and place them in soil? e-mail
if possible. Thanks.
  • cuttings
    Posted by Iris from Ohio on 2001-03-27 14:54:04

    a common way to take stem cuttings is to snip (about 3-4") at a node or point where there are leaves and cut only soft green stems. Strip away the bottom 2 sets of leaves and place in pre-moistened medium covering the first node, (from which you removed the leaves) and don't let remaining leaves touch soil. You can use root. hormone if you want. Cover with a clear plastic bag or something to conserve humidity.


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