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Posted by Christina from Iowa on 2008-03-28 08:20:00

I have a potted daffodil plant from Easter. Is it possible to keep it from dying before I can plant it outside?
Also, do I need to cut the flower part off and where do I cut it off at?


  • Easter Plant
    Posted by "corgicorner" from 02748 on 2008-03-30 08:41:00

    YES ! You can keep the plant over until next Spring by cutting off the flower as far down it's stem for you to conveniently go. Keep the plant in as high light as you can, but it should also be as cool as possible, but not freezing. Keep watering, and do not let the pot stand in water. You can put it outdoors on days it is above freezing, and out of wind. Later on, when the weather has improved(above freezing all the time, even at night)you can knock the plant out of the pot by turning the pot upside down, put your hand in amongst the foliage, and tap the edge of the pot on something sturdy. The plants should drop out of the pot, into your hand. Turn the plant right side up, and put it into a hole in your garden, or whereever, into which you have put a good handful of Bone Meal and mixed it with the soil in the hole. Pot a slight amount of soil in the hole to cover the fertilizer, put the plant into the hole and backfill over and around it. Keep it watered. In about a week I would apply some liquid fertilizer to the plant--put a DROP or two of liquid soap---like HAND dishwashing soap--into the water first, and swish your hand in the water so you get bubbles--not a lot, just a few. By doing this the fertilizer should cling to the leaves of the plant. I would do this every two weeks until the leaves are gone. Next Fall apply some of the Bone Meal in the area of the plant. I will not guarantee flowering next Spring, but do the same watering/liquid fertilizing procedure during the Spring and early summer and you MIGHT get flowers in the Spring of 2010. Good Luck to you and your gardening .


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