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Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester
Posted by Ruth Potter from UK on 2008-06-20 09:10:00

I still have a massive slug problem in my garden of pots, (it is only a yard, no grass). I have brought a lot of my plants inside as the slugs won't leave them alone (I've given up trying things now, tried everything). 

I've tried every suggestion, egg shells, copper tape,  garlic, onion, bran flakes, salt, sand, gravel, fir tree needles, coffee grounds, beer traps, vaseline, sand, gravel, Westlands slug Blocker (

None work and my plants are just dying! I recently bought a delphinium and I have had to bring that in after the rain yesterday as it had just started growing back again after the last attack....

I'm guessing there's only slug pellets left to try now, of course I will get the pellets that don't hurt cats etc as my cat died that way and they also effect the fertility of songbirds.

Is there anything that ACTUALLY works? I'm desperate!!!!!


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