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Posted by dan from ny on 2008-06-20 11:57:00

This is my second year of strawberries that I have in a large planter box. The first year they grew and had no berries. This year they have mutiplied but I afraid that we will get no fruit again. They have sun light 5 hrs a day. Water and I have added veggie food this year.In the past (years ago) I had them growing berries from mid to late june. What I'm I doing wrong????
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    Posted by Deb ( from Georgia on 2008-06-26 06:13:00

    Same thing happened to me. Last year I planted 25 "everbearing" and 25 "June bearing" plants. This May I was getting up to a quart of berries a day--off the "June bearing". Everbearers just have a berry now and then. Plant some "June bearing" plants this year and you'll have plenty of berries next year.


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