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Croton Propogation????

Croton Propogation????
Posted by Lirath from on 2001-03-25 23:30:35

I have a croton that was rooted for my
mother 30 years ago. It suffered for
25 of those years in the same pot. It
is recovering nicely, and now I'm
wondering what's the best way to make
more of it? Air layering or cutting?
It doesn't have a lot of branches yet
so I'm leery of whacking one off and
being unsuccessful with it. I really
would like to propogate this plant
since it is such an old variety, and I
can't find one like it at any nursery
around. Any input would be
appreciated! Thanks!
  • Propagating Croton (Codiaeum)
    Posted by Merry Mary! from Indiana, zone 5 on 2001-04-05 10:51:51

    Hi, Lirath!

    I see no one's answered you, so your C.M. to the semi-rescue! My American Horticultural Society A-Z Encyc. of Garden Plants sez: "Root softwood cuttings with bottom heat in summer, dipping the bases in charcoal to stop bleeding. Air layer in spring." So now you have two options! Good luck, and please let us all know how it goes.

    Merry Mary!


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