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Mushrooms growing in my mulch

Mushrooms growing in my mulch
Posted by kathy from Illinois on 2008-07-08 09:09:00

I recently put in new landscape and with all the watering I have been doing mushrooms are popping up all over. What can I use to eliminate them without harming my new plants Thks
  • Mushrooms in compost
    Posted by Terri from Southeast Wisco on 2008-07-17 08:20:00

    I had the same problem about three years ago and looked into it. Wood chip/shredded wood mulches with warmth and moisture are the perfect medium for mushrooms and other fungi - especially if spores were in the wood (like a stump) ground up. Picking them out and disposing of them and stirring up the mulch were the only remedies that really worked. You can't use herbicides - don't work on mushrooms. When the weather changes, seems the mushroom growth subsides.


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