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Can I use cooled cooking water to water flowers?

Can I use cooled cooking water to water flowers?
Posted by Stacy from Pennsylvania (Z on 2008-07-09 01:33:00

I want to conserve water as much as possible. Is is safe to use cooled cooking water (such as from boiling potatoes or corn) to water my outdoor plants?
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    Posted by Renu ( from Nj on 2008-07-18 01:21:00

    Yes, indeed!
    I do it all the time. I dont like to waste water which i use to wash gritty spinach, lettuce and other vegetables and ofcourse pasta water and the water i boil my vegetables in. It is very nutritious.
    So go ahead and put it in your are saving a lot of water and the planet.
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      Posted by Barbara from HI on 2008-09-16 05:56:00

      Great question; I do it all the time also. No harm to the plants, and I,too, believe in not wasting.

      My about charcoal that has sat so long most of it is powdery. May I use that on plants???


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