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Need Help a Flower

Need Help a Flower
Posted by Janelle ( from Michigan Zone 4 on 2008-07-09 02:36:00

I cannot for the life of me find out what the name of this flower is. It's quite large, both tall and the actual bloom. It is a purplish color and the bloom is just a giant purple ball. When it is dried out it almost looks like a huge dandylion. They are on a tall green thick tube like stem. We had a couple in our yard and they died off and we would like more but do not know what they are called. I beleive they are a perenial as the places I have seen them, are in perenial gardens.

  • Need Help a flower
    Posted by aj from CT/zone 5-6 on 2008-07-13 10:30:00

    I didn't see a picture but it sounds like you're describing an allium. They are bulbs that will need to be planted in the fall for bloom the following spring. They should bloom around the same time as daffodils.


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