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Cutting roses

Cutting roses
Posted by joan oplinus from nh on 2008-07-10 12:32:00

I hope someone can help me.
I love roses and have planted 6
bushes that are doing well. They
are of different varieties and I
am not sure how to remove dead
blooms when the flower had died.
That is to cut back the stem so
other flowers will grow.
One of the bushes has very tall
stems with a single flower at
the top. Most have stems about
6-10 inches long and the other
type is a florabunda.
I am really confused where to cut
on the florabunda. Should I wait
until all flowers have died and then
cut the stem or cut each dead
flower off the main bundle.
Mostly I want to do this for
neatness and to stimulate the
roses to grow.
  • Cutting roses
    Posted by Carol from Pennsylvania on 2008-07-17 01:05:00

    Removing spent blooms from a rose bush is called dead heading. Do not use clippers on the stems. Remove the spent bloom from the stem by twisting with your hand. Do not cut back the stem. Do this on a weekly basis and your bushes will continue to produce lovely blooms.


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