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My banana peppers are turning black

My banana peppers are turning black
Posted by Susan from North East Flor on 2008-07-23 01:01:00

This is my first banana pepper plant, and it produces a ton of peppers. But, after it's first stage of light green color on the fruit, it turns black. It starts with a streak of black from the middle and it goes length wise up and down the fruit. I would really like to see my fruit turn the yellow and red I see in the store. HELP.
  • Hmmm, black...
    Posted by Laurie from Maryland on 2008-08-03 06:46:00

    Is the black part of the fruit, like as in, it's a bonafide streak of black colored fruit, in a line like as if it were a reverse skunk? Or is the black a rotten line? Or is it something else. Cut one open, and examine the inside and report back your findings. I'm intrigued.

    This sounds to me as if you have a hybrid of some type that just sort of made it's way into your garden. If so, it might be a value to someone somewhere other than just for eating. Real commercial value to hybrids you know.
    • Black streaks on peppers
      Posted by Ron ( from Ohio 44425 on 2012-08-28 03:32:00

      I also have this problem with my peppers with the black streaking. The streaking color actually has a purpleish tint to it. It starts as a streak and gradually turns dark on the bottom half of the pepper and gradually moves up them. There is no rotting on or in the peppers either. They look fine except for the dark color on them.


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