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After 3 yrs No Blueberries?

After 3 yrs No Blueberries?
Posted by ellen from vermont on 2008-07-23 09:07:00

I am growing blueberries in Vermont -- fertile berry territory. I planted two bushes 3 years ago. Healthy looking plants, I haven't pruned at all, Just NO berries. Any Suggestions?
Thanks in Advance
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    Posted by garden girl RI from RI on 2008-08-07 10:01:00

    I am new to blueberries, too, but I would suggest you check the pH of your soil. Blueberries typically thrive in rocky, acidic soil- perhaps your soil is too rich?! How big were your bushes when you put them in & how big are they now? I wouldn't be surprised if you have a nice crop next year if your bushes are looking really good this year. It is common for the 1st couple of years to be slow/ lacking fruit. Good luck!


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