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disease on rose and salvia

disease on rose and salvia
Posted by gloria from Indiana/6 on 2008-07-27 04:01:00

We have a blaze climbing rose that has had something on it from early spring, now it only has a couple living stalks, I early on bought the systemic rose solution, supposed to take care of everything, but it just kept dropping leaves and not producing any new growth. Also a bush rose in another location was more beautiful that it ever has been, and now is just a bush of green leaves, no new shoots to produce flower heads, it is an everbloomer.
Now for my salvia, its had a webby type something on the flower ends and for the longest time did not put out any flower stalks, the greenery is molted very pale green. I did put some epsom salts in water on it the other day, read that somewhere.
anyone got any ideas?


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