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Slugs! UGHs!

Slugs! UGHs!
Posted by T from MA/zone 5 on 2008-07-28 01:59:00

Slugs are now destroying my beautiful cabbage plants which have just begun forming heads. They have been the bane of my gardening existence since -- always. Having had too much rain and living across from a river where it's damp/moist more than some has brought on more slugs this season. I have tried everything over the years except for the poison slug bait because I won't risk my dogs or cats lives with that. I do mean *everything* but that! I am thinking there must be something that works... any help is appreciated.
  • slugs :(
    Posted by garden girl RI from RI on 2008-08-07 09:50:00

    I have read about the success people have with slug traps- pans filled with beer. But I have NEVER had success with this practice (perhaps they only like light beer?). Instead, I do night investigations- especially after rain. I wear gloves and/or cover my hands & then pull the nasty things off the plants & drop them into a container filled with beer or a vinegar solution. Both kill the slugs. This is also a good time to pick Asiatic Garden Beetles, as they come out at night, too. Good luck!
    Also, placing sand around your garden's edge (or crushed eggshells or copper wire) is reported to keep the slugs out- I plan on using the sand method next year. Good luck with your cabbage!
  • Everything?!?
    Posted by Laurie from Maryland on 2008-08-03 06:41:00

    Hmmm... have you tried beer?! Most people don't know that slugs are really party animals. I put out cheap pie pans filled with beer... usually one beer per pan is fine. They LOVE the stuff! Sometimes for entertainment, after the sun goes down, we give the slimy buggers the brew and watch them slither out from their holes to the party we've laid out for them. They drink ALL night long!

    But because I don't stay out all night watching slugs drink beer, I eventually go to bed and in the morning I pick out the dead partiers and watch round 2 the next night. I can usually get 2 nights out of a can of beer and kill at least a half a dozen of the critters in the process.

    Interesting note. The other slugs will have a funeral for their compadres who died in the line of drinking the night before if you leave the tiny carcasses next to the pie pan of beer. Weird stuff.

    This is no joke, google the words "slugs" and "beer". It works, as weird as it sounds.

    I don't like slugs either.


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