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Japanese maple and hydrangea

Japanese maple and hydrangea
Posted by Qiyue from MA-zone 5 on 2008-08-01 11:58:00

Hi, there,

I have two questions to post and hopefully I can get some answers here:

1. I planted two 5 feet japanese red maple trees. Now almost each leaf has white-yellowish discoloration of its tips. Do you know what's wrong ?

2. there is black discoloration on the tip of hydrangea leaves. What disease does it have ?

Thanks for your help

milton, ma
  • japanese maples & hydrangeas
    Posted by Jenn from NC on 2008-08-18 11:15:00

    Sometimes after planting japanese maples, they go into a bit of a shock/adjustment period and in the first year sometimes the tips will get discolored/dry looking. The best solution to this is to make sure you give the tree plenty of water and put some good insulation (mulch) around the trunk. Usually after the first year this discoloration goes away.

    The black spots on your hydrangea are what is known as powdery mildew. If you go to your local garden center (not a big box retailer) they will have a formula you mix with water and spray on the plants. I had this problem last year with my hydrangeas - I was watering in the evening/night after I came home from work and the water was not being absorbed by the plant or evaporated by sunlight, thus caused mildew, I started watering in the morning/early afternoon and this problem resolved itself...
  • hydrangea leaves
    Posted by Don Marshall from N.C. on 2008-08-15 12:03:00

    The hydranga leaves have a fungus. Spray with fungaside from gsrden shop.
    This fungus rarely kills plants.


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