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vines & Pests

vines & Pests
Posted by Donald Blackmon from Arizona, 9 on 2008-08-22 07:02:00

I tried some trumpet vines, but they grow out not into the chain link fence.

Any suggestions as to a fast growing vine that is a real climber and will fill in a chain link fence. I'm looking for a little privacy.

Water is no problem, at this time. I have installed a drip system.

Has any one had any experiance with the sonic type of mole and gopher repeller?

Will my dogs have problems with the sound? Do they work? How far apart should I put them?

The manual says 120 ft. Should they be closer, farther apart?

I live on a 1+ acre lot and have a lot of weeds. Is burning the answer to getting rid of them once an for all, or should I just spray over and over?

I know lots of questions, so would feel really glad if you take one question that you know lots about and contact me with any questions.

If it helps I live in the Buckeye area.

Thanks for any and all help you give in advance.

  • vines and moles
    Posted by Liz ( from Texas on 2008-08-22 11:04:00

    I also live on a lot of acreage. I planted some bamboo (not a good idea) to have privacy in a flower garden and can't get rid of it! Vines to grow rapidly (morning glory) beautiful and reseeds itself every year.

    Moles - good luck. I tried putting rat poison in every trail I could find and washed it down into the hole. If it killed one, I've yet to see it!! I also thought about the sonic gopher/mole repeller and that will be my next purchase. I was okay with the little critters until they started eating the roots to my mandevillas and wysteria - now I am angry!!



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