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3 things I don't know

3 things I don't know
Posted by Debbie from IL Zone 5 on 2008-08-24 07:09:00

Hi, I have furry white caterpillars in my garden. Any idea if they are going to be moths or butterflies?

The other is this type of weed or plant that developed in my garden. It's large, about 2 ft or so, has ornamental looking leaves and has these spikes forming, that look like they are going to be tiny yellow flowers.
It's pretty and I was just curious if I should keep it or pull it.

One more is that 3 normally healthy large bush-like plants started dying. When I've had this in the past it's been pill bugs at the roots. The reasearch I did said they only eat dead or decaying roots - is that true? AOr could they be possibly eating the roots and causing the plants to die?


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