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Posted by liza adkison ( from florida on 2008-09-13 06:07:00

read that yellowing leaves caused by too much water...any suggestions how to overcome? crabby, nasty, miserable neighbor waters everyday (even though we are supposed to be limited to just one day per week)...assume he will stop if he creates a sinkhole!

oleander problem

  • Oleanders
    Posted by K from LA on 2008-10-09 09:44:00

    I truly believe the yellow leaves are caused by under watering. I never get out to water and I fin the leaves are turning yellow. Can I cut them back before it gets to cold or do I have to wait for Spring? I need to make my shorter and bushy Have any tips? You know throough it all God is Good Psalms 119:73 Your hands have made me and fashioned me Give me understanding that I may learn Your commandments. Please don't forget the garden tips smile



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