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saving sunflower heads for seed

saving sunflower heads for seed
Posted by Pat from Chambersburg, P on 2008-09-23 09:32:00

I just cut the heads of my giant sunflowers, thinking it would be nice to save them for the birds in the winter as the seeds are still intact. I thought when it snows it would be neat to set them out with the seeds still in the flower head. Has anyone ever done this with success? I placed them in a large bucket-like container with a tight-fitting lid because I didn't want the mice to get into them, as they get into our birdseed. But I didn't know if they would get moldy?? Any thoughts? Thanks.
  • saving sunflower seed heads
    Posted by kristen from Oregon on 2008-09-26 01:00:00

    Hi Pat. I have heard that to keep the seeds on the seed heads that you should hang them up in a dark dry place, with a netting covering them. That way they get air so they dont mold, and it keeps the critters away from them. Best of luck!


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