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Hibiscus seeds

Hibiscus seeds
Posted by Margaret from Missouri on 2008-09-25 01:18:00

This is the last of September and I would like to know when is the best time to start my seeds in side in pots so that I will be able to trans plant them out side in the spring? they are the hardy winter Hibiscus.
  • Hibiscus
    Posted by Lori Brooks from Florida on 2008-10-21 12:31:00

    I don't know about the zones. I'm having trouble with my Hibiscus bushes. They had a lot of blooms on them a couple years age when they were planted from a 2-3 gallon pot. Now they rarely have blooms. There is a tree down the road that is much larger and has many blooms all year long. The home must belong to an absentee owner since no one is ever there or I'd ask them for help. Please help!
    Bloomless in Florida
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  • Hibiscus
    Posted by Kim from LA/8B on 2008-09-29 08:16:00

    I have been wondering the same thing. Where did you get your seeds? I am having the hardest time finding info. on which type of hibiscus I should grow for my area. In the spring I would like to plant them in the ground and leave them through the winter months. Any suggestions?


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