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Beginner Vegetable Garden

Beginner Vegetable Garden
Posted by Wanda S. McNulty ( from South Florida on 2008-09-29 04:36:00

I am considering starting an organic veggie garden in S. Florida (sandy acidic soil) in October or November (5' x 50'). What are the minimums to prepare the soil, etc. (tools also) and what would grow best in mix of full and partial sun? I would also like to start a compost bin with worms. How long will it take to gear up from scratch? Any suggestions for this serious newcomer to gardening? Possibly you could point me to the best beginner's book(s). Thanks to all.


    Posted by susan from central fla. on 2008-10-03 08:26:00

    The best place to your county extention service. They have all the info. you need & it's FREE.
    I volunteer there as a MasterGardener.


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