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how to winterover hibiscus, gardenia & passion flower

how to winterover hibiscus, gardenia & passion flower
Posted by Sally from Ohio on 2008-10-13 09:26:00

I have a hibiscus, gardenia and 2 passion flower vines that I am bringing in over the winter. What is the correct way to "winterover" these plants. I have heard for the hibiscus that you should let it stay outside and experience a few very cold (in the 30's) nights so it will go dormant. Is this the same for the gardenia and the passion flower?
  • Tropical/Chinese Hibicus
    Posted by Cammy ( from Michigan 5b on 2008-12-01 11:14:00

    I didn't get mine in on time so mine did get hit with a few nights of heavy frost. However, after about a week of watering and spraying the leaves, the plant began to come back. I must warn though the leaves that were burnt from the frost did not recover and a lot of the leaves fell off. The plants were blossoming two weeks after I brought them in the house. Another thing I didn't know that I just found out is that before bringing them you are suppose to spray them down with a pesticide of some sort. I called a nursery today because I can't get rid of what appears on the bud and leaves. Nothing huge, but another thing to think about.


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