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starting seedling for school project

starting seedling for school project
Posted by alisa from CA on 2008-12-30 04:27:00

I'm trying to help my 6th grader do a science project. She wants to see in what medium a radish will grow faster dirt, soil or water (hydroponics). We just don't know how to get her started with planting a seed in water I once heard about using a cotton ball. I'm not sure to set it in water, just soak it or how to or not to use liquid nutreints while seed is on a cotton ball. this is turning out to be an education for me too, by trying to help her. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  • Seed School Project
    Posted by Kate from MA on 2010-01-07 04:10:00

    REgarding seeding in water: What if you start by soaking seeds in a shallow tray of H20, until you see signs of growth? Seeds have all the nutrients to begin growth. Water sufficiently supports life until several hair roots form. As the radish bulb forms, add deeper levels of water to "lower the bottom" of the shallow container, maybe even a clear sandwich bag. See a local hydropnics website for alternatives


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