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Posted by Mark ( from Wyoming on 2009-04-07 10:08:00

We have a lot of clay in the soil in the yard. Within 20 minutes of setting the sprinkler the water is running off or pooling. In order to deep water I have to wait 1 hour or so and add another 20 minutes. I aerate annually and have added pellets of gypsum each spring. Is gypsum the ideal to break up clay soil or is there a better product available?


  • clay
    Posted by dlpetz from 8b southern NM on 2009-04-26 09:55:00

    Gypsum must be incorporated into the soil for the best and quickest results. I agree with the prior post that the addition of organic matter will be most effective in improving your soil but I would have it tested by your Cooperative Extension Service first. The results will give a very complete profile of your soil and give recommendations.

    But you did hit on a very important observation, watering for short intervals with at least 1 hour between applications is the best method for deep watering regardless of soil type. Spread the word!!
  • Clay soils
    Posted by KimmSr from MI-4a/5b on 2009-04-08 01:13:00

    What I have seen in Wyoming is clay soil and some shale. If your soil is loaded with salts, sodic, then the gypsum can help some but what you need most is organic matter, dead plants to work in that soil. Eventually that will make your soil workable and better draining.


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