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No posts on DEER?!

No posts on DEER?!
Posted by Marie from CT on 2009-05-02 10:49:00

The deer are so out of control here, I am surprised not to see one post on the subject. During the Winter they ate the Hollys, Arborvitaes, Rhododendrons, apple and pear trees. Now they have chomped off my tulips, Lillies, Hens and Chickens, thread and needles and they are still chomping on the fruit trees! I am so angry I am thinking about sleeping out with a gun(don't have one but I enjoy the thought anyway!)

For years I have been using liquid fence..last year it didn't work and for $40 a bottle of concentrate that infuriated me further. C'mon, I can't be the only one having big problems with deer. Irish Spring didn't work either. HELP! Anyone with some other solutions?
  • deer repellant
    Posted by Deborah Yousuf from Texas 7b on 2010-02-26 07:14:00

    Well Deeeeer,
    I may have a great suggestion that a friend of mine used to keep the blue jays off of his fruit. He used RED PEPPER TEA, boiling red pepper and making a strong soup, then straining it and using a spray bottle, or large commercial sprayer, spray around on the areas that deer and other animals and birds can reach. This also works for yards that you don't want people letting their dogs poo in your yard. Dogs won't go there. Just sprinkle ground red pepper around where they climb on your grass and they stay away. Get the large pepper canisters at Sam's wholesale warehouse or a commercial wholesale supply house so you will get enough. Buy several of these canisters it takes a lot.
    The friend was telling me that the blue jays would pick his plants clean and he never got to enjoy his crops. He sprayed the area with the pepper tea and a blue jay swooped down and grabbed one of the berries, carrying it off to the top of the fence to eat. In a few seconds it gave a squawk and wildly flapped its wings and jumped up and flew away. He was able to enjoy his hard work that year.
    I guess I will have to use that method, this year for my grapes. I have two vines that finally produced really sweet grapes this last year the gardener came to my office and told me. I generally pick them with my 2 granddaughters and share them with the gardener and his children, when they are ready. Unfortunately, on one day the blue jays picked both vines clean and I was at market and could not get to them that day. When I got home, they were all picked clean by those blue Jays.
  • deer
    Posted by shelly from central oregon on 2009-05-08 06:44:00

    So have you tried the Lava soap in netting technique...just wrap a quarter of a soap bar into the netting...hang from a branch ...put a few into the branches of the arborvitaes...
    Also spray a mixture of the soap and water around your flowers...
    I have also used the ammonia /wter solution sprayed on/around the plants...sometimes I think it helps..
    good luck
    • deer/soap
      Posted by Rachel from Oroville, CA on 2009-05-16 04:51:00

      My neighborhood has a heavy deer population as well. I've been using grated Irish Spring soap to try to deter them from my garden, orange tree and flowerbed. I've been just sprinkling it on the ground for the garden and flowerbed, but sprinkling it on as much of the orange tree as I can (it's only about a 4 ft. tree right now) and on the ground around it. I have seen some minimal evidence of deer, but only after we had about a week of rain and I hadn't gotten back out to re-apply the soap yet. Right after I first started using this method, I actually saw a deer go up to the orange tree, sniff the ground, then walk on without even taking a nibble. I also have noticed that they don't come in the yard nearly as much as they used to. They seem to just go around our yard and cut through the neighbors' yards instead.


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