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Kafir Lily from seed

Kafir Lily from seed
Posted by carie from TN on 2001-03-26 18:53:35

has anyone grown Kafir Lily from seed my seeds sprout and then rot


  • Kafir Lily from seed
    Posted by Bill ( from Maryland zone 7 on 2005-12-23 12:25:00

    Yup.... have over 30 to prove it. But they are tropical plants and cannot stand any cold weather - especially fronts. And from seed they take 3-4 years to bloom.

    But they are worth the wait - great houseplants as you can water them once a month in winter and they do quite well. After the last frost, you can put the pots outside!
  • Kaffir lily
    Posted by Iris from Ohio on 2001-03-27 14:45:48

    Carrie, I did a little research and found out the recommended temp. is between 55-61 deg. If your sprouts are rotting, maybe you need some bottom heat to keep them around this temp. You can also divide in spring if you are having no luck.


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