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trumpet vine will not flower

trumpet vine will not flower
Posted by Colleen from Southeast PA on 2009-07-11 07:26:00

It used to be stunning. Now I get a few flowers, but most of the buds drop off early. Most buds turn black, as well. I have change. change. NOT change. It has been about 4 years with hardly a bloom. I never used to do anything at all (except fall pruning) to it and got a gorgeous display. Now I have no idea what to do. Does anyone have a suggestion?
  • Trumpet Vine
    Posted by Bextir from IL/Zone 5-6 on 2009-09-01 06:39:00

    I have the same trouble with mine, no flowers no matter what i do. Mom in law has same vine from same source and hers flowers like crazy! Of course you realize it won't flower on new growth, it flowers on the old growth so don't prune until mid-fall.


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