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Droopy aloe plant

Droopy aloe plant
Posted by Bill from DC on 2009-08-11 08:45:00

My aloe is struggling. I've had it 4-6 weeks, and I've lost two leaves already, perhaps from overwatering. (I would water only in drips.) Even without watering, the leaves were droopy, so I tried to supply more light be moving it to a west-facing window. Still didn't seem like enough. Put it outside in 90 degree temps and full sun for about four days, and now it's even droopier. The tallest leaves are about a foot long and completely drooped over. There's a new sprout in the middle. Worst of all, it looks bleached from being out in the sun. Overall, it looks like a sad pickle! I'm worried the roots haven't really taken hold. Any other thoughts? Thanks.
  • aloe plant
    Posted by Elizabeth from TN on 2009-09-20 02:38:00

    Aloes' generally dont like that much water at all, generally like to be almost root bound. They have a shallow root system, which take awhile to fully fill the pot. Did you repot after you purchased the plant, that could be another reason.
    Put in back in a sunny window and kinda leave it alone for awhile, let the soil completely dry out before watering again.
    Good Luck


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