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Posted by ed from colorado-foothi on 2009-08-30 11:49:00

In Evergreen,CO at 7,500':
I have some lilacs which bloom every year; some others, in different locations, that have never bloomed in ten years. I have added bone meal without success; what can I do?


  • Lilacs
    Posted by Diane from RI on 2009-09-04 10:46:00

    Hi Ed, Here are the 7 most common reasons why your lilac is not blooming.

    Reason #1: It's Not Getting Enough Sun

    to thrive and flower, lilacs need a MINIMUM of 6 hours of sun a day.

    Reason #2: It's Too Young

    Most Lilacs will not bloom until they reach 3-6 years old.

    Reason #3: It's Over Fed

    if your soil is nutrient-rich, you only have to feed once a year.

    Reason #4: It's In Shock

    Lilacs need a fairly long period to settle in

    Reason #5: It's Dry

    Keep your lilac on a regular watering schedule and adjust it for heavy rain or extended periods of drought.

    Reason #6: You're Improperly Pruning

    Pruning should be done immediately after flowers die off.

    Reason #7 : Your Soil's Imbalanced

    Lilacs prefer a soil pH from 6 to 7 (a little on the alkaline side).

    Ed, If none of these reasons can be applied to your situation, consider giving your bush a light root pruning in early summer. Jam a sharp spade into the ground on two sides of the plant about 12 inches out from the trunk. And maybe next year will be the year!

    Good Luck Ed and please let me know how you make out!
    Diane Zenga

    Digital Care Advocate

    Spring Hill Nursery

    ?making friends AND beautiful gardens every day?



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