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Aerobic Compost Tea

Aerobic Compost Tea
Posted by Viki Miller from Ca on 2010-04-16 11:03:00

Hi All, I have been brewing my own Aerobic Compost Tea for awhile and am having great results with it! I'm using less water, have tastier veggies with more nutritional value due to the healthier soil created by using the aerobic compost tea. It adds microbial life to the soil , rejuvenates the soil and makes the nutrients more available for the plant roots. It's different from compost tea in that it is aerated and continuously reproduces microbes. Anyway, I'm a freak about it because I know we are using and abusing our soil and need to be replenishing and adding life to it! I have a small but flourishing family garden with fruit trees as well so got the 25 gallon continuous brewer and use it a few times a week at least as I move around my garden.

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