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Landscaping - Bird Watching Sanctuary

Landscaping - Bird Watching Sanctuary
Posted by Hemis Gold Inc. from CA on 2001-03-28 01:34:50

As an avid bird watcher, my wife and I, we've always wanted to 'bring all the birds home' with us. This neat trick gave us our life's wish of having several different species of birds, at any given time right in our own backyard, to watch closeup, for as long as humanly possible. We even have a neigborhood 'name that bird' contest.

All we did was adding to our tree garden landscape, several unique birdhouses and garden accessories we found by chance at Our yard will never be the same again. Like the saying goes, 'build it' or in this case, offer 'free housing' and the birds will come!!. We are putting together a "pictionary" of all the birds we've seen to date.

Landscaping...for the birds


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