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blackberry plants

blackberry plants
Posted by zobby from NYC on 2001-03-31 12:28:07

I just got blackberry plants I
ordered from Burpee...

The weather here has been pretty rainy and a bit on the cool side (highs of 45 lows of 36)... does anyone know if it's ok to plant the blackberry plants out in the garden yet? I got bare root stock, and I don't want to keep it hanging around long.

  • when to plant blackberry plants
    Posted by Laurie from Kentucky upper on 2009-02-07 11:08:00

    First I would ask burpee. They usually ship at the proper planting time. I have been wondering the same thing about planting time, but I just bought two plants from Lowes and they always have plants way ealier than they should be planted outside. I checked a website selling my variety of blackberry and they are not shipping until mid March, which tells me that is when I should put my bushes in the ground. Until then, I am going to baby them in a pot in the garage.



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