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replanting hydrangeas

replanting hydrangeas
Posted by Debby from Mi on 2001-04-02 18:44:28

I am going to be replanting and moving some hydrangeas could someone give some advise on when to do it. I live in northern Mi and I have done very little gardening. I am very new at this

Thank you all you gardners

replanting Hydrangea

  • reading other posts...
    Posted by fannyflower from PA/6 on 2001-04-02 21:32:12

    Hi Debby, as community manager I just wanted to let you know what a great tip Kimm provided for a person who's also from your state. It appears a few posts below yours on the message boards, they discuss how some hydrangeas can be intolerant to cold.
    (Generally they like moist soil, part shade to sun and the cool thing is the flower's colors are affected by the soil's pH!! After the last frost is usually
    the safest time to work the soil.) Feel free to join in on the conversation!
    Do you know what specific species you have? -- happy spring! fanny
    • hydrangea. moving it to anothergarden spot
      Posted by oliver lamprey ( from Devonshire Engl on 2006-08-01 04:35:00


      I live in Southern England weather and climate all year round moderate. I have a HYDRANGEA, pink 3ft high 4ft diameter. I wish to move it witin te garden and would like to know when, how and any pitfalls Thank you Oliver



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