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rose froze!

rose froze!
Posted by Al from PA on 2001-03-20 12:31:13

We had a shrub rose in a pot for the
summer and neglected to plant it after
the season. As a result, the roots may
have been frozen during a cold spell.
Can I expect this to survive if I bring
it inside for the rest of the winter and
keep it moist, or will it probably not
  • shrub's are hardy....
    Posted by Field from TX on 2001-03-20 12:32:04

    Unless it was frozen solid, through and
    through, it may well survive. Roses are
    tougher than most people give them
    credit for. So bring it on inside
    whenever the temperature is below
    freezing. But set it outdoors and give
    it some sunlight and fresh air on those
    days when the temperature allows.


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