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A welcome & an apology!

A welcome & an apology!
Posted by Merry Mary! from Indiana/zone 5 on 2001-04-05 11:03:33

Hello, all you seed starters & propagators!

Welcome to the wonderfully redesigned homepage. Didn't Ber & the webmaster (?) do a great job? I hope we get many lively discussions going here during seed starting time. As for me, I have a whole albeit small room full of seed trays. Some are sprouting and some have pooped out on me! In my zone 5 central Indiana garden I planted lettuces, mustard, kale, tatsoi, carrots, and I forget what else. This is a month earlier than I usually plant, so we'll see what survives the infamous Hoosier variability in temps.

Now for the apology: my spacebar is sticking, and I keep having to back up and insert spaces. Sometimes I, for instance, if you just read my reply about the Cathedral Bells you already have seen what a mess it is. Please bear with me if I forget to back up and correct. And THANKS!!!!!

Merry Mary!


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