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Saving Purple Wave Petunia Seed

Saving Purple Wave Petunia Seed
Posted by Lisa from Idaho on 2001-04-06 00:53:48

Hope this isn't a dumb question, BUT, can Purple Wave Petunia's seeds be saved and come back as the Wave? I know that it's a hybred, so does that mean that if I save the seeds, the seeds won't come back as the Wave, but maybe of the cross plant? The seeds are expensive (15 seeds for $4.95 at Burpee)! I'm trying to remember that genetics cross from the Monk who grew peas!! I guess it can't hurt to try, but I don't have any room left under the lights in my garage! Thanks!
  • Purple Wave Seeds
    Posted by Tracey from Ontario on 2001-04-16 18:51:34

    Absolutely save your seeds they will grow. This is the second year I've done it and it's easy. If you don't have room under your lights plant a wave in your garden. It reseeds easily and you can transplant the babies to your container. If you do it this way you will have later blooms but with some fertilizer it will be ok. Copyright wise it isn't likely legal. But what can you do when they just keeping coming back? lol.


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