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cutting lilies

cutting lilies
Posted by alan from scotland u.k. on 2002-01-13 14:10:39

Can anyone advise on how to take a cutting from a big white lily. My friend has a big old white lily and is a bit scared to take a cutting in case she kills of the plant.
  • Propagating lillium
    Posted by Kimm from 4a/5b-MI on 2002-01-15 07:21:41

    Lillies usually are not propagated by cuttings rather the bulbs often produce offsets or it the flowers are allowed to set seed these can be collected and starrted. My Lillium candidum, Madonna or Easter lilie, has produced offsets each year even here one zone up from where its supposed to survive, but its usually 3 to 4 years before those offsets start to produce flowers.
  • Cutting Lilies
    Posted by Iris from OH on 2002-01-14 21:17:17

    Lilies are grown from a bulb, taking a small portion of a bulb may yield a similar lily but size and maturity would take a few years. Almost like taking a clove of garlic from a bulb in order to grow more garlic. Gee, I hope this helps you.


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