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back yard holds water

back yard holds water
Posted by tineka ( from michigan on 2002-01-15 03:26:24

i would like to knoe what to do about the back of my yard flower bed that holds water that makes my plants flood.i have thought about raising the flower bed. would that stop it from flooding.
  • Standing water
    Posted by Kimm from 4a/5b-MI on 2002-01-15 07:37:12

    You really need to determine why the water stands there. Is it due to a high water table? Is it due to a drainage problem? Is it due to hardpan?
    I have areas where the seasonally high water table is less than 9 inches below the surface and other areas where that is above the surface and water stands until the water table drops. Other areas (higher elevation) had hardpan under the soil that prevented surface water from draining that was resolved after a few years of adding copious quantities of organic matter. I also have a neighbor that is on the lowest piece of land around here and excess surface water drains there and since the soil becomes saturated the water just sits there until it can drain off. That can be cured by fixing the drains that already exist to carry away this escess water.
    If the problem is from a high water table your only solution is to raise the relative elevation of the soil, build raised beds, high enough to solve the problem.


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