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mexican bean beetle

mexican bean beetle
Posted by lori ( from iowa on 2002-01-27 16:26:24

i have a problem with this beetle i have tried insectsoap dug up the plants in fall also tried seven but dont like to use chemicals please help.
  • Mexican Bean Beetle
    Posted by Kimm from 4a/5b-MI on 2002-01-28 07:40:28

    This pesty relative to normally beneficial Lady Beetle is showing resistance to Sevin as are Colorado Potatoe Beetles from overuse of that pesticide. Floating row covers can help protect plants from these buggers and atracting predators (which means not using things like Sevin) also helps and if the infestation gets to be too much Neem Oil sprays or pyrethrin based dusts can help control them. Both of these will also, however, have adverse affects on any beneficials so judicious use, as with any pesticide, is necessary. Another control method is to check the undersides of the leaves for the orange eggs and squish them before they hatch.


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