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Plants for partial shade

Plants for partial shade
Posted by Chris Adams from Ohio on 2001-04-07 08:16:53

I need advice here....My back yard goes directly into a cornfield...there is a fence that separates the boundary line..(just a simple wire fence)...last fall I got a back hoe and cleaned out a large weed area that developed on the "cornfield" side of the fence...the weeds were such an eyesore and my actual yard was nicely's my question..what do you think i should plant in the cleared out "easement" area between the fence and the cornfield?..this area is largely shaded due to the fact that I have trees on my property that provide a pseudo border...I just want something
that will not be an eyesore as you're sitting on my deck looking out towards the cornfield...any suggestions...
I live in Lima, ohio


  • Local Nursery
    Posted by John from CA / 10 on 2001-04-11 09:38:31

    I suggest that you check with your local nursery. They should know what will grow under your conditions in your area.


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