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Spring bulbs not planted last fall....what to do with them?

Spring bulbs not planted last fall....what to do with them?
Posted by Kathy Hatton from IN/zone 6 on 2002-02-08 07:46:43

I found two packages of bulbs (Rainbow Allium and Glory of the Snow) on my unheated front porch that I forgot I had and therefore did not plant last fall. The ground is now too hard to plant them outside. Since they have been cool with limited light all this time, could I plant them in pots now and keep them indoors to bloom? Or, wait until the ground is workable (usually April if I am lucky) and plant them outside then? Will they bloom this year if I wait and put them outside? Will they keep as is until Fall planting time if I can't do anything with them now? Any advice is apprecitated. Thanks in advance. Kathy
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    Posted by Kimm from 4a/5b-MI on 2002-02-09 07:29:07

    You could pot them now and later plant them outside where you want them, I've had varying success with "forced" bulbs planted in the garden. Trying to store them in the conditions needed to keep them dormant and viable is nigh onto immpossible for the average homeowner. We just don't have, anymore, a cool (45 to 50 degree), dry storage area in our houses today.
    • Overlooked bulbs
      Posted by Cal S. from NY, 4/5 on 2002-02-20 13:05:10

      Put in a plastic bag and keep as cool as possible without freezing. I have used my frig. Then plant in spring. Only foliage will appear, most likely, but they will bloom a year hence.


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