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Info needed please! Can You Help?

Info needed please! Can You Help?
Posted by Laura ( from MN on 2002-02-08 14:17:48

Hello! I am a student at the Agricultural and Food Sciences Academy ( in MN. For my science project, I'm finding out what materials hold heat in a greenhouse better. I am starting marigolds from seed that someone is sending me in plastic peanut butter jars (my greenhouses... real technical, huh?).
What is the best type of soil for growing seeds? How much soil should I use? I'm thinking of having 6-7 seeds in a jar. Should there be more or less? Will marigolds grow well under full lights? Should I water from the top or the bottom of the jars? Do marigolds need nicking/scarring/etc? How/why does a greenhouse work? Should I have a cover on the jars, or have them open? Should I have my heat keeping materials in the greenhouse or on it (i'm using a control with no material, wood, tinfoil, water, brick, sand, and rock)? Do they need a fertillizer, or will they grow in the soil by themselves? What should I do with them when my experiment is over? Should they be seperated then? Will they survive left alone on weekends? Anything else you can tell me?
Please reply to my email,, and leave your name so you can be credited as a resource.Thank you, Laura in MN

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