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Corn ear worms

Corn ear worms
Posted by Tom Ehlert ( from Arkansas on 2002-02-09 09:34:48

I heard on T.V. that they have a modified sweet corn seed that resists corn ear worms. Does anyone know about this? If so where can I buy it? Please respond by email.

  • recombiant Sweet Corn Seed?
    Posted by Kimm from 4a/5b-MI on 2002-02-11 08:13:18

    Since not much real research into all of the effects recombinant Genetic Modification has never been done, Id hope this is not true. But even if true given all the requirements that commercial growers must (theoretically) meet to grow rGE corn, wheat, cannola, buffer zones, protection of similar species from pollin drift none of which are working, it's not likely seed will be available to home growers for some time.


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